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Fred San Guiliano

Eye of the Beholder...

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As an emerging artist, Fred SanGuiliano is quickly developing his own style of painting using acrylics often on reclaimed wood as well as on canvas.

With no formal art training, Fred attempted his first painting on a whim in 2017 when he was 63 years old. Inspired by a photograph that his wife had taken while the two were in Carrabelle Florida, Fred began painting, using an old scrap wood in lieu of a canvas. His first work captured the sun glimmering on the gulf water just off a deserted beach.

Legally blind from a rare eye disease, Fred has no vision in his left eye, and only a pinhole of blurry sight remaining in his right. Ever the artist, he jokes that his world has become a Monet painting viewed through a straw. His works include landscapes, still life, portraits, and abstracts.

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